How the humble water bottle became the must-have accessory for the season (and beyond)

If you’d have told me five years ago that, not only would a water bottle be sitting at the top of my lust list, but that I’d also happily pay a premium price for it, I’d have likely laughed in your face. But, alas, as I sit here typing this there is not one, but two, stylish reusable water bottles within my reach.

So how did the humble water bottle transition from a pocket-change item of convenience to a must-have accessory worth investing in? Well, we largely have the great Sir David Attenborough to thank for that.

The ‘Blue Planet effect’ caused monumental change in customers’ attitudes towards single-use plastic and, as people continue to reject disposable bottles in favour of their reusable counterparts, a 2018 study showed that one in five people have become the proud owners of one in the past 12 months.

Fortunately for those of us who want our items to look just as good as they are for the planet, reusable bottles, much like stationery, storage and even socks, are the latest everyday product to be enhanced by innovative, stylish design—with none doing it quite as well as memobottle.

Memo for blog.JPG

Making their way from the land down under, memobottle’s vision is to create a more reusable society by providing a practical and stylish solution for those drinking on the move. With sleek, slim design and varied sizes, their bottles are not only perfect to slide into a briefcase, gym bag or carry-on suitcase, but also a fail-safe conversation starter.

In the largely paraphrased words of Deborah Meaden from an episode of last season’s Dragon’s Den, ‘The most sustainable water bottle is one that you’ll want to treasure and keep’. So, with that in mind and the British summer time fast approaching, I say why not head over to the Shop page of Hommeporium and pop a memobottle, or two, in your basket today.

Jordan Evans