The true LIFESTYLE brand

On Instagram, on TV and on magazines, the term “Lifestyle Brand” is now thrown around and aimlessly over-used by flocks of identical trend-driven bloggers.

Very few brands embody the true essence of lifestyle, literally, head-to-toe.

Escuyer is ancient French for “squire”, the armour carriers for the King or the Knights.

Equally, Gregory de Harlez is providing businessmen with premium-quality essentials.

Founder of Escuyer, he’s the brain behind some of the best items on the market, created around the needs of the Modern Entrepreneurial Man.

De Harlez in 2013

De Harlez in 2013

T-shirts, small leather goods and socks, in his words, to “serve and facilitate the lives of busy working men, making it easier to purchase premium-quality basics”.

Escuyer is an internet-based brand aimed to reach men who hate shopping, but want nothing less than the best quality for their basic items.

Designed in Brussels, the items manufacture is in fact assigned to a family-owned workshop near Porto.

With a taste for solid craftsmanship, De Harlez is very close to Ricardo and his family of manufacturers in Portugal.

 “When using our accessories, we want men to feel confident because they are wearing beautiful, unique pieces, all made by the best craftsmen in Portugal.”

Sustainability drives his choice of materials, picked to be as durable and as environment-friendly as possible.


The clean and classic aesthetics of the Escuyer Essentials make them transeasonal items.

Socks and T-shirts from long-staple South-American cotton yarn for comfort and durability, premium men’s wallets and cardholders from smooth vegetable-tanned leather and much more, created with a unique style.

The branding of Escuyer is based on medieval-armour design, the so-called Heraldic System, and it was nominated for ‘Design of the Year’ in the 2014 Graphics category by the London Design Museum.


The solid colour blocks are inspired by  the theories of Sanzo Wada, the great Japanese artist and theorist of colour schemes, and 50-60’s imagery of minimalist garments, channelling old images of James Dean, Marlon Brando and other icons of the time, with effortless and essential style.

Far from being pure nostalgia, the 60’s are for Escuyer an example of quality and trend-setting items, each one with its own DNA and made to last.


Gregory hates fast fashion, which has a negative impact on the quality of clothes and on the planet, with everything made to be disposable:  “We think it is perverse that clothes now have an average durability of 6 months”..

“At Escuyer instead we create goods that have a longer product lifecycle, so they can be sold and worn for longer than just one season”.

In de Harles’ words : “In our modern society, everything looks the same and is designed to be out of style in the short-term, in order to force the consumer to buy new things. This is why we aim to create timeless goods that won't go out of style”.

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