Our latest bag obsession is good for the Earth

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical when my partner first mentioned to me these backpacks made of recycled bottles. My mind wandered through memories of horrid, lumpy fleece sweaters with eye-hurting colours that I was forced to wear as a child; gadgets made of bottle caps for a school project, that would break apart and leave glue stains on my desk, and the little Fair Trade shop in my village, full of colourful, ethnic patterns and crafty accessories, but nothing for men and nothing I would actually wear or use daily.

LeFrik changed my mind. First of all, the roll backpacks. Long and slim, clean-cut, nice colours and you can fit your life in them. As I unpacked the granate bag, I looked at him in the eyes and said: “this is gold”.

It is not gold, but it is actually very cool.

_MG_4303 copia.jpg

LeFrik bags are all made with polyester out of recycled PET bottles. Producing recycled plastic polyester uses 3 times less energy than virgin polyester.

This brand makes every premium backpack, wash bag, handbag and luggage in Asia, where this manufacturing technique is more advanced, but forgetwhat you saw on Netflix’s The True Cost documentary on fast fashion: LeFrik is committed to ethical and fair production, confirmed by 5 different certifications (SMETA and SEDEX) gained after detailed audits on supply chain, labour, safety, discrimination and pollution.

The design is minimal and fashionable, with solid colour blocks and strong stitching.

Each bag has more pockets than a camping rucksack, but they’re hidden and flat, so you’ll keep that stylish and sleek look on your daily commute AND on a backpacking trip.

If you’re looking to switch your shopping habits to sustainable, it doesn’t get better than this: LeFrik’s integrity in terms of social justice and environment is uncomparable.

And if you think that quality and style are sacrificed for the higher purpose of sustainability, think again:

Davide Pecoraro