Thomas Clipper - Unite Trio Set 150ml

Thomas Clipper - Unite Trio Set 150ml


Set of 3 fragrances: City, Coast and Country by Thomas Clipper.

Thomas Clipper’s fragrances are developed in Grasse, in the heart of the perfume-creating area of France. They are bottled in Lincolnshire using organic alcohol and vegan ingredients. Not tested on animals.

City is inspired by a vintage London barbershop, a classic fougère with a contemporary twist. The classic fougère is a timeless mix of aromatic ingredients created by the European Royals. The modern hit is added with tonka beans and cedarwood.

Coast is inspired by the French riviera and the Norfolk beaches, with sporty notes of cypress leaf and citrus humbled by guaiac wood and iris flowers.

Country is the most masculine scent , with deep notes of vetiver, saffron and sandalwood for a smoky feel with a touch of freshness. A hit is added with pepper and ginger.

You will fall in love with this premium, locally produced fragrances that will make you never want to go back to your a mass-branded aftershave.

The perfect premium cologne and aftershave : order now and enjoy the special offers at Hommeporium.

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Thomas Clipper is a community-oriented company founded in London by Antonio and Matt. It has run successfully 6 crowdfunding campaigns, so their supporters have a say on what they do, and how they do it.

It features the best samples of minimalist British design, achieved with the finest eco-friendly materials.

Like the Clipper Boats of the 1800s, Matt and Antonio travel the world searching quality and uniqueness.

Thomas Clipper started by designing premium shaving products, and went on creating leather wash bags and accessories. Their UNITE cologne line features 3 different fragrances, all developed in Grasse, France and vegan-friendly.

In 2018, 5% of all profits have been donated to Doctors Without Boarders, the medical NGO saving lives in conflict zones.